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Grateful Alchemy

Tranquility Tea - Savasana

Tranquility Tea - Savasana

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Care Instructions

Shake before using ! Apply to sun kissed areas or anytime for all over moisturizing!

This purple hued  tea was inspired by Savasana the most incredible pose of a yoga practice, final resting pose. This is the time where you body integrates the expenditure of energy and relaxation and peace floods over you. 
Connecting mind body and spirit you release your body into the supportive earth beneath you. 

Butterfly Pea Flower- Tons of antioxidants from the blue colored flowers, brain booster and eyesight supporter. Stabilizes blood sugar, reproductive health and hydrates the skin

Motherwort- calms and nourishes the heart, grounding, love, protection

Oat Straw- long term nourishing support for those with chronic stress. Good for depression, 

Lavender Flowers- healing herb, promotes relaxation , sleep, peace, tranquility and happiness 

Hibiscus Flowers- promotes healing to the liver, dispels anger and promotes love

Peppermint Essential Oil- promotes communication and protection, supports digestion. 

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Customer Reviews

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Linda A Mellea
Soothing and smooth

Felt a little off, flu like, and decided to try this tea. Well, it was wonderful and did the trick. Not to mention the smell of the tea is amazing. I highly recommend!