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Restore Tea - Nurture Your Liver

Restore Tea - Nurture Your Liver

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Care Instructions

Shake before using ! Apply to sun kissed areas or anytime for all over moisturizing!

I am a big supporter of the Medical Medium Anthony William so I created this tea inspired by his Liver Cleanse 

Red Clover- detoxifying to the blood, high in mineral content

Hibiscus flowers- rejuvenates the liver and gallbladder, supports the immune system, promotes healing to the liver, dispels anger and promotes love

Lemon Balm- supports immune system, calms the nerves of the liver and intestinal lining, supports adrenals

Crystalized Ginger- helps calm spasms of the liver, removes toxins from the gut, removes fat cells from gallbladder and liver 

Geranium Essential oil - promotes release of things that no longer serve us- physically and emotionally 

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