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Grateful Alchemy

Monthly Moon Comfort Tea

Monthly Moon Comfort Tea

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Care Instructions

Shake before using ! Apply to sun kissed areas or anytime for all over moisturizing!

I suffered for YEARS and wish I knew then what I know now….. YOU do not have to suffer and take tons of Advil or Aleve to have a painLESS period! I used to take 4 …. Yes …4 200mg advil when I got my monthly moon BUT NOW…… I have formulated a new Monthly Moon Comfort Tea!
🍃Red Raspberry Leaf- increases uterine tone, relaxes smooth muscle
🍃Nettle- anti inflammatory great for heavy periods, high in iron
🍃Skullcap- antispasmodic promotes clarity of thoughts, reduces stress and increases harmony!
🌹Rosehips- grounding, high in vitamin C needed for iron absorption
🍃Peppermint- good for headache relief, nausea, digestion
🍃Lavender- calming to the nerves, promotes healing and decreases stress hormones.
🌹Rose Petals- promotes self-love, reduces stress, soothes menstrual cramps, high in Vitamin C ( and it tastes good and looks pretty 😉)
🍃Ginger Root- supports digestion, anti inflammatory
💧Copaiba- supports anti inflammatory response, grounding
💧Clary Sage- supports and balances hormones
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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Mellea
Incredible tea, highly recommend

I absolutely loved the Monthly Moon Comfort Tea. Right away, the taste was very good and as the name implies, very “comforting.” I really enjoyed this blend, especially the mix of lavender, peppermint, ginger root, and sage. I found the tea very calming and immediately felt relaxed. It’s great for after a long day. I highly recommend it and would definitely order more.