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Grateful Alchemy

Chic Chai Tea

Chic Chai Tea

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Care Instructions

Shake before using ! Apply to sun kissed areas or anytime for all over moisturizing!

Great coffee alternative with digestion support! 
Chicory Root- supports liver gently detoxifies the body and supports the adrenals ( coffee is very taxing on the adrenals) 

Roasted Dandelion Root- Helps filtering capacity of liver, supports liver adaptability

Cardamom- increases bile production

Turmeric- Anti-inflammatory, reroutes energy through the liver

Crystalized Ginger- Helps calm spasms of the liver, removes toxins from the gut and removes fat from the gallbladder and liver.

Cinnamon Bark- stabilizes blood sugar supports immune function against Bacteria and Viruses. 

Clove- highest antioxidant capacity, digestive and liver support

Nutmeg Essential Oil- warm and inviting, May enhance libido, uplifts the mood

Black Pepper Essential Oil- required for Turmeric absorption 


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