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Grateful Alchemy

Blissful Belly Tea

Blissful Belly Tea

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Care Instructions

Shake before using ! Apply to sun kissed areas or anytime for all over moisturizing!

I often get some digestive issues- have been for years- so I created this delicious Blissful Belly Blend! Its super nourishing, calming and delicious! 

Here is why you need to drink it!
🍃Lemon Balm- hands down favorite for Liver support but it’s amazing for gastric upset, calms your liver AND the actual nerves of your intestinal lining and so much more! We have SO MANY nerve endings in the gut AND it has a direct affect on your mood- ever hear of the “belly brain” ?? Look up Lemon Balm! Way too much to list all of the benefits here!
🍃Chamomile- Grandmother’s everywhere gave Chamomile tea to their kids for stomach upset. Gentle but packs a punch for digestive support and anti inflammatory!
🍃Ginger Root- warming herb/Root, aids in calming digestion and cramping and SO DELISH! I’m such a Ginger girl!
🍃Calendula- who knew that this flower - which is a powerful healer of the skin….. can also heal you from the inside! Great for a variety of GI disorders, another anti inflammatory to the intestinal lining ! Great for GERD!
🍃Peppermint- stimulating fragrance, great for nausea, settles digestion and tastes so good!
💧Fennel Essential oil- great for a sluggish digestion, but also energetically bestows strength, courage, longevity and very importantly protection from evil spirits😉

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert Hannam

Blissfully belly tea is my go to for any stomach issue… love this tea!

AnnMarie Santos
Blissful Belly Tea

Super yummy ! Your belly will love it ! This great smelling tea has quickly become one of my family’s favorite teas.

Debra Geiger
Blissful Belly Tea

Great tea for after dinner. So good and the smell is amazing!